Thursday, February 29, 2024

President Raisi: Serial school poisoning new enemy project to frighten, frustrate Iranians

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi describes the recent serial poisoning of students at schools a “security project” being advanced by enemies with the aim of stoking concern among families and frustrating the people.

Addressing a group of people south of Iran on Friday, Raisi said the intoxication scheme is part of the same plot to provoke street riots and fluctuations in the value of the national currency.

The enemies have resorted to such strategies after their conspiracies for destabilizing the country was foiled thanks to the massive turnout of the people in the rallies marking the 44th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution last month, he said.

“In the recent government meeting, I instructed the Minister of Interior and the Minister of Intelligence to investigate this issue as soon as possible and to inform our dear people of the results so that the enemy’s conspiracy to create fear and despair in the people will be thwarted,” he said.

The serial poisoning began on November 30 in the city of Qom, south of Tehran. Hundreds of students have since been hospitalized in several cities with mild poisoning.

The intoxication is said to have caused with N2 gas.

Senior authorities have urged rapid investigations aimed at identifying the perpetrators.

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