Sunday, April 2, 2023

Sanandaj; The City of Iranian Sculptures

The city of Sanandaj in Kurdistan Province, western Iran, is home to a large number of statues built in honour of the literary figures, poets, athletes and prominent people of the city.

These statues are placed in the squares and other special places across Sanandaj.

For these sculptures, Sanandaj is known as the “City of Thousand Bodies” or “City of Sculptures”.

“The Shepherd”, “Liberty”, “Mowlavi Kurd”, “Suhrawardi”, “The Child”, “Koozeh Bashan”, “Oraz”, “The Climber”, “Hagh Shenas”, “Anonymous Martyrs”, and “Kurdish Muslim Peshmerga” are among the most famous sculptures of Sanandaj.

Following you can find photos of these artworks retrieved from ISNA:

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