Monday, May 20, 2024

Russian ambassador: Tehran, Moscow working on long-term inclusive cooperation agreement

Russia’s ambassador to Tehran says Iran and Russia are working on a long-term agreement that covers all aspects of cooperation between the two countries.

The aim, Alexey Dedov told IRNA, is all-out expansion of cooperation.

Dedov said both Iranian and Russian economies are sanctioned, therefore both sides have a completely logical choice to make efforts to ditch the dollar from their transactions.

He said this process is progressing and will weaken the US exclusivist approach to international financial mechanisms.

Dedov also welcomed the recent China-mediated agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia to restore their diplomatic ties.

He said Moscow supports this and encourages Iran and Saudi Arabia to bring their stances closer together.

The envoy also hailed the role China played in the process adding that western countries feel frustrated about the Tehran-Riyadh normalization as they use tension among countries for their own political ends.

Dedov said western governments were pleased with the confrontation between Iran and Saudi Arabia and this is the source of their current frustration.

The ambassador also talked about the political process in Syria.

He said Saudi Arabia has invited the Syrian president to take part in the summit of the Arab League, noting that Russia has always supported the return of Syria to the so-called Arab family as this helps stabilize the Middle East.

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