Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Russia rejects ‘fake’ media claims of Iranian arms transfer

Moscow’s Embassy in Tehran has dismissed as “fake” media claims of Iran’s transfer of arms to Russia, which is involved in a military operation in neighboring Ukraine.

“The information published by some media outlets on the dispatch of Iranian arms to Russia is fake and is inconsistent with the reality,” the diplomatic mission said in a statement on Sunday.

The British Daily, the Guardian, claimed in a report earlier this week that Russia was receiving munitions and military hardware sourced from Iraq for its war effort in Ukraine with the help of what it called “Iranian weapons smuggling networks.”

It also claimed that an Iranian-made Bavar 373 air defense system, similar to the Russian S-300, had also been donated to Moscow by the authorities in Tehran.

Moscow, the Guardian said, was “forced to lean on Iran” in the wake of the new Western sanctions triggered by its war in Ukraine.

Iran’s Embassy in the UK had also rejected the claims in a statement and described the report as “untrue and baseless story fabrication” in an attempt to bring up the name of Iran and link the Ukraine conflict to the developments in the Middle East.

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