Saturday, July 13, 2024

Rouhani Urges Iranians to Observe Health Protocols amid New Surge in COVID-19

The Iranian president has warned against a fresh surge in coronavirus infections in the country, calling for strict abidance by health protocols.

“Genetic mutations in the virus has caused numerous problems,” said the president at a meeting of the National Coronavirus Headquarters.

“In order to tackle the coronavirus there is no way but to observe [health] protocols, give vaccinations hope and trust,” the president underlined.

He then touched upon the classification of cities and provinces based on a colour system where red indicates the most-infected and highest-risk areas followed by orange and yellow, which indicate lower levels of infection. The colour blue indicates a lack of risk or threat.

“Regulations and instructions pertaining to yellow, orange and red cities should be fully observed or such problems will emerge,” he said.

“Unfortunately, today we are under special coronavirus circumstances and facing another rise in the spread of this disease,” said President Rouhani.

He also warned against the highly contagious Delta variant of coronavirus, which, he said, is the reason behind the recent surge in infections.

He said everybody, including those who may have or have not received the COVID-19 jab, should comply with health protocols at least until the end of winter.

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