Love has been the driving force behind the formation of a man-made cave in Jahrom, southern Iran.

Sang Shekan cave is located in Alborz Hills in Jahrom, a city in Fars Province, and is over 150 years old. Those who used to work in this cave sought to extract rock from the cave to make a living. There are over 100 stone columns and 12 cave mouths which turn the cave into a beautiful hall.

People in Jahrom associate the man-made Sang Shekan Cave with on old story. They say that one day Khajeh Kazem, an aristocrat, was riding a horse along a river in Jahrom when he heard the thuds of a sledgehammer. When he tried to locate the sound, he came across an old man who was cutting stone.

The noble young man struck up a conversation with the old stonecutter and they had a meal together. Their friendship later saw the young man fall in love with the old man’s daughter. However, the aristocratic family of the young man disapproved of their marriage, citing the fact that a boy born into a noble family should not marry a serf’s daughter.

Eventually he convinced his family to accompany him on a visit to the old man’s house when he wanted to pop the question. The old man conditioned their marriage on the young man living with them and working with him in the mountain.

The young man who was in love took up the old man on his offer and abandoned his luxury life. Years later, the young man made a name for himself as Master Kazem. reports that the story took place around 300 years ago.

The following is a photo gallery of the cave posted online by Fars News Agency:




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