‘Riyadh Can’t Continue Bombing Yemen Forever’

A top Iranian official has called on the international community not to remain indifferent toward the Saudi aggression against Yemen.

Ali-Akbar Velayati, a senior international advisor to Iran’s Leader, has expressed regret that international organizations are not fulfilling their responsibilities regarding Yemen.

Speaking on the sidelines of his meeting with Danish Deputy Foreign Minister Jonas Bering Liisberg, Velayati said Saudi Arabia cannot go on bombarding Yemen forever.

He further called on the international community to stop remaining indifferent toward Riyadh’s aggression against Yemen.

Velayati also said that he was confident the resistance of Yemeni people will ultimately bear fruit.

According to a Farsi report by Al Alam News Network, he then touched upon the calamities of Yemeni people.

“They are under siege and suffering from pharmaceutical and food shortage. They are under Saudi bombardments round the clock for no good reason,” he noted.


Iranian Pilgrims’ Security Must Be Ensured

Elsewhere in his remarks, Velayati said it falls upon Riyadh to ensure the security of Iranian pilgrims and to respect them.

“This has been among Iran’s key preconditions as agreed by Saudi Arabia.”

He said the Saudi government is duty-bound to guarantee the security of the holy shrines and pilgrims.

“So far, there have been no problems as far as I know.”

“Iran has shown that it is very sensitive about the security of its pilgrims, and we hope Saudi Arabia, too, will be sensitive about its responsibilities, and rethink its policies, especially its interference in some Arab countries like Yemen,” said Velayati.

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