Saturday, April 13, 2024

ISNA: Riots have raged on in Sanandaj in recent days

Iran’s state-run ISNA News Agency has confirmed that “riots” have continued in the Kurdish city of Sanadaj, in western Iran, over the past few days.

According to ISNA, this has caused insecurity for residents of Sanandaj, the provincial capital of Kordestan.

The report said after the situation escalated in the city, bazaar shop owners and other businesses were forced to shut down for a second day over the past week.

ISNA put the number of the protesters at 50-60 in each neighborhood, saying they lit fire, destroyed public property, knocked down electricity posts, blocked streets and shouted chants against top officials.

This forced police to respond by using force. Meanwhile, Iran’s Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi on Tuesday said the riots in Sanandaj were orchestrated by counterrevolutionary groups like Komala, the Democrat Party and PJAK.

Vahidi also said the rioting was small but caused people in Kordestan province to feel unsafe.

The violence in Sanandaj left two deaths and several injuries among both the protesters and security forces.

ISNA says footage posted online showed a Basij member was shot and killed in Sanandaj while riding on a motorbike.

Another member of the security forces also died earlier and a funeral was held for him on Sunday morning in Sanandaj.

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