Rig-e Yalan is located at a point where three vast Iranian provinces, namely South Khorasan, Kerman and Sistan-Baluchistan meet.

To many people, these sand dunes may seem no more than a visual attraction. However, off-road drivers and those interested in desert sports know that such sand dunes are invaluable as far as sports activities are concerned.

The climate of Rig-e Yalan, which is an international tourist spot, is such that only animals and camels can pass through it. If we stay there for a moment, we can hear the sounds of camel convoys passing by.

Travelpedia, a reputable international tourist website, has introduced Rig-e Yalan as one of 12 exciting tourist spots in the world, and says travelling to this place amounts to travelling to space.

In order to have a fantastic experience full of adventures, visitors can travel to Rig-e Yalan through the path of Dehsalam village located to the southwest of the town of Nehbandan to get familiar with one of the hottest spots on earth.

Countless palm trees, exquisite hasirs (a kind of hand-woven rug made with palm tree leaves and reeds) and unique salt marshes are among the attractions of the Dehsalam village, which could best be described as a paradise in the middle of a desert.

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