Sunday, June 16, 2024

Red Crescent: Likely crash site of Iranian president’s helicopter identified

The head of Iran's Red Crescent Relief and Rescue Organization has announced that operational teams have identified the likely location of the crashed helicopter carrying President Ebrahim Raisi and his entourage.

After hours of searching, the teams have pinpointed a possible site, and the search continues with further updates expected soon.

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi reported that all forces have been mobilized in response to the accident.

“Following the incident, various groups, including the IRGC forces, the army, the police, the Red Crescent, local volunteers, and villagers, have been actively searching for the crash site,” Vahidi stated.

The challenging terrain, steep and forested slopes, heavy rain, and limited visibility have hindered the rescue efforts.

“Unfortunately, the rescue forces have not yet reached the exact location due to these difficult conditions. However, there is a significant presence of rescue personnel in the area, and we remain hopeful that, with the prayers of the people, we will soon reach the accident site,” Vahidi added.

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