Raisi: Plots underway to dispatch Takfiri terrorists to Caucasus, Central Asia

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has warned of a plot by the US to destabilize the Caucasus region and Central Asia using Takfiri terrorists.

In a speech to Russia’s lower House of Parliament, Duma, Raisi said the US has forged a satanic alliance with the terrorists, adding that complicated plans are afoot now to send the Takfiri terrorist on a new mission to the Caucasus and Central Asia.

He noted that experience has shown that pure Islamic teachings are capable of preventing the formation of extremism and Takfiri terror.

He also cautioned about the danger of what he called the cultural NATO. The Iranian president said the Western military alliance is threatening the mutual interests of independent countries using new facades.

He said promotion of Western democracy and fighting independent democracies which are based on national identities and traditions are among schemes of the cultural NATO.

Elsewhere in his speech, Raisi said experience shows that the world order based on arrogance and domination yields nothing but war, violence and division among nations.

He noted that the failure of the US’s policy of making military expeditions to countries like Iraq and Afghanistan and occupying them originates from one factor: The resistance of nations.

The president referred to sanctions as a common form of bullying, adding fighting the sanctions calls for cooperation among sovereign nations and a collective response. Otherwise, Raisi warned, the US will point its sanctions at its own allies.

The president also rejected US claims that the sanctions hit Iran over its nuclear program, saying the truth is that whenever Iran strove to make scientific progress and become independent, it faced sanctions and pressure from its enemies.

Raisi reiterated that Iran is not after nukes in line with a fatwa (religiously sanctioned order) by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and that nuclear arms have no place in Iran’s defensive strategy.

Raisi announced that Iran has won two wars: One on terrorism and the other on the so-called maximum pressure campaign.

The president further welcomed the initiative of Russia to hold a meeting of the parliament speakers of Iran, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan and China on combating terrorism and called it important.

Raisi then turned to ties with Russia. He renewed his call for expansion of political, economic and cultural ties with Russia. Raisi also said Iran and Russia’s determination and the existing capacities of the two countries pave the way for cooperation between them in all areas.

He noted that his face-to-face talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin showed Tehran and Moscow are on the same page regarding many regional and international issues.

Raisi however stressed that Iran is ready for interaction with all world countries though it gives priority to ties with neighboring nations.

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