Qayqanaq; Delicious Pancake Indigenous to Iran’s Azarbaijan

Qayqanaq is an Iranian snack made with flour, eggs and sugar, almost similar to the common pancakes made in other parts of the world.

Qayqanaq is cooked in the cities of Zanjan and Tabriz. The recipe for, and appearance of this Iranian desert is very similar to foreign pancakes eaten as breakfast.



Flour: 4 spoonfuls

Eggs: 4 eggs

Cinnamon: a teaspoonful

Powdered cardamom: as much as needed

Sugar: 3 spoonfuls

Crushed walnut: as much as needed



First beat the eggs. Then add sugar, flour, crushed walnut and cardamom, and fry the mixture. You may add cinnamon or saffron to the snack. Qayqanaq can be made as thin as the pancake or thicker.

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