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Prune-Spinach Stew: A Tasty, Traditional Iranian Meal

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The prune-Spinach stew is a gourmet Iranian food served during both day-to-day meals and formal ceremonies.

The prune-spinach stew is a well-known traditional Iranian stew which is very popular among families. It is very delicious and regarded as a culinary delight both in casual get-togethers and formal parties.


Salt: As much as needed

Chopped meat or chicken: 500gr

Prunes: 300gr

Pepper: As much as needed

Oil: As much as needed

Onions: 1 big onion

Spinach: 750gr


Cut the onion to very small pieces before frying them. Then add the chopped meat and sauté it until the meat changes colour. Add two cupfuls of water and lower the temperature, waiting for the water to start boiling. Let the meat cook for quite some time.

Wash the spinach and chop it before putting it in a pan on fire until its water evaporates. Then add some oil and sauté the spinach. Afterwards, add the prunes, salt and pepper and fry the spinach well. Then add meat and leave it on fire until the stew is cooked through.


  1. Depending on their taste, some people prefer to add sugar to the stew, so that it would taste sweet rather than sour. However, some people add spices to make the stew sour.
  2. Adding saffron will make the stew more delicious.
  3. You may use chicken instead of meat.
  4. You may add forest prunes to the stew if you like it sour.
  5. You may add 4 to 5 spoonfuls of lime juice plus a little sugar to make the stew tastier.

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