Pres. Raisi: West pinned hopes on Iran riots, left negotiations

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi blamed the West for leaving the negotiating table with Iran in the hopes of pursuing its goals by supporting the riots and protests that spread across the country last year.

In a press conference in the capital Tehran on Tuesday, President Raisi highlighted Iran’s foreign policy shift to the east, saying, “We’re not waiting for a smile (from the U.S. and Europe), and we don’t make the economy and people’s livelihoods dependent on their will.”

Raisi highlighted Iran’s accession to the BRICS emerging economic powers – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as achievements of his administration to shield the country from the Western embargoes.

He said Iran’s growing ties with Latin America, Africa, and Asia has helped the government tackle its budget deficit.

The president noted Iran has experienced a 14 percent increase in its trade exchange with neighboring countries since his administration took office in August 2021.

Meanwhile, he called on Japan to show an independent foreign policy from the United States and release Iran’s frozen assets.

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