Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Poll shows Israel under Netanyahu on verge of collapse

A majority of Israelis believe Israel is on the verge of economic, social and political collapse due in large part to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to shake up the judicial apparatus.

According to a new poll conducted by the so-called Israel Democracy Institute, 58 percent of respondents think the potential collapse is “due to the severe internal crisis.”

Only a third of respondents disagreed with this assertion, which was widely shared among those on the left but largely rejected by the political right.

Over 60 percent expressed the sentiment that the legislation is bad for democracy while only 35 percent saw it as beneficial.

In case of a collapse, 56 percent of respondents anticipated that the protest movement against the judicial overhaul would grow stronger.

75 percent of respondents on the left stated that their mood is worse than usual, as opposed to 23 percent on the right.

Netanyahu’s push to weaken the power of the judiciary has significantly impacted Israelis’ faith in the future.

Thousands of protesters have rallied for the 32nd straight week against the policies of the hard-right cabinet.

The Netanyahu regime includes far-right and ultra-Orthodox parties. It triggered the demonstrations in January by announcing the judicial overhaul plan, which it then forwarded to the Knesset in the form of several bills.

The changes seek to enfeeble the regime’s high court in favor of the political elite by rendering the former incapable of striking down the decisions that are made by politicians Other proposed changes include giving the cabinet a greater say in the appointment of judges to the court.

Ever since its onset, the protest movement has snowballed into the biggest to have ever been faced by the occupying entity throughout its history.

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