Saturday, May 25, 2024

Police chief: 629 Nowruz travelers dead so far in car accidents across Iran

Iran’s Police Chief Brigadier General Ahmadreza Radan says car accidents have so far left 629 people dead amid an increase in road trips countrywide during Nowruz holidays.

General Radan said Thursday that so far 370 million road trips had been registered since the start of the two-week New Year holidays, on March 20, and the week earlier.

He said road trips have surged during this year’s New Year holidays compared to last year, with the routes leading to northern Iran being the most traveled ones.

Most deaths were recorded in accidents caused by drivers’ sleep deprivation and high speed, according to police.

Iran has one of the highest death tolls from road traffic accidents in the world.

In general, Iran’s road accidents have been attributed to a wide range of causes, from reckless driving to a weary road infrastructure.

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