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Pistachio Stew; Delicious Dish Popular in Damghan

The Iranian city of Damghan is well-known for its high-quality pistachios, so it would not be strange to see one of its most famous local foods is made with pistachios.

The pistachio stew is made in pretty much the same way as Fesenjan stew is cooked. The only difference is that ground pistachio is used instead of ground walnut.

In this food, pieces of lamb are added to shredded fried onions. Then ground pistachios are added and sautéd. Then some water is added, and finally salt and spices as well as tomato juice are added.



Pistachios: Half a kg (removed from their hard outer shells and ground)

Lamb: Half a kg (fatless meat)

Onions: 1 onion

Oil: As much as needed

Verjuice: Half a cupful

Sugar: 2 Spoonfuls

Salt and pepper: As much as needed



First, mix the ground pistachios with 6 cupfuls of lukewarm water. Wash it several times while pouring the mixture from one dish to another repeatedly. Dispose of the little particles which sink to the bottom of the dish.

You may use shredded pistachios, which could make your stew greener. Cut the onion into very tiny pieces and sauté it. Chop the meat and add it. Sauté the meat until its colour changes.

Now, add the pistachios to the meat and onion. Adjust the amount of pepper and gravy. When the meat is half-cooked, add enough salt. After the meat is cooked through, mix verjuice and sugar before adding the mixture to the stew.

After the stew is cooked through, serve it along with rice.

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