Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Omani, Iraqi and Qatari foreign ministers congratulate Amirabdollahian on Saudi deal

In separate telephone conversations with the Iranian foreign minister, Oman’s, Iraq’s and Qatar’s top diplomats expressed pleasure with the agreement that resulted in a normalization of ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Top Omani diplomat Badr al-Busaidi congratulated Amirabdollahian on behalf of himself and Oman’s government.

Qatari Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani also congratulated Amirabdollahian on the deal between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein offered his hearty congratulations on the agreement between the two countries.

Iraq has mediated five rounds of talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia, held in Baghdad.

Amirabdollahian for his part thanked the three top diplomats for their countries’ efforts toward forging the agreement between.

The Saudi-Iran deal has taken Iran’s adversaries by surprise, with the US and Israel apparently angry about the matter.

Israel has said the agreement dealt a blow to efforts to sideline Iran.

The US also is said to be furious because China mediated the deal and is seen widely as a trustworthy powerful player in the West Asian region and the whole world.

Iran and Saudi Arabia are expected to re-open embassies in two months.

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