Saturday, April 13, 2024

Official: Dozens of measles cases detected in Iran

Iran’s deputy health minister says 164 measles cases have been detected in the country blaming it on the influx of Afghan refugees into Iran.

Kamal Heidari noted that last year, Iran received a certificate from the World Health Organization for the elimination of the disease and this achievement coincides with an outbreak of measles in Afghanistan.

He said the entry of Afghan nationals into Iran and their presence in different cities have caused concern and cases of measles have been reported in those areas.

The deputy health minister said the cases are inpatients and outpatients and that all healthcare personnel are ready to deal with this situation.

Heidari said the outbreak is threatening the efforts of Iran to contain measles, adding that a vaccination plan must be put in place for foreigners to boost the level of inoculation against the disease.

He said vaccination of people against the disease must be pursued seriously so that the outbreak is contained.

Heidari said people who are fully inoculated against measles should however not be worried.

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