Saturday, March 2, 2024

Official daily: Iran negotiators to safeguard national interests with or without agreement

The Iranian administration's official newspaper the Iran says the negotiating team of the Islamic Republic in Vienna is doing its utmost to safeguard Iran's national interests rather than just reach an agreement with the other side.

“In this regard, it should be noted that the principle of negotiation is not aimed at reaching an agreement, but designed to secure Iran’s national interests, and if a bad agreement is detrimental to national interests, it certainly should be avoided,” the daily wrote in an opinion piece.

It says now that all P4+1 members have acknowledged the accuracy of Iran’s proposed drafts and deem them as a good and appropriate basis for continuing consultations and negotiations, the media and even political strategy within the country should be focused on a good agreement to serve national interests.

In this context, victory means securing Iran’s national interests regardless of reaching an agreement or not, and defeat means harming the country’s national interests even if the two sides manage to hammer out a deal.

The opinion piece warns about attempts by the Western media and the Persian-language anti-Iran media and even some political spectrums inside Iran to describe reaching any agreement as success, and the continuation of negotiations as a failure.

The Iranian delegation entered the 7th round of negotiations in Vienna with clear and unequivocal demands that fully comply with the 2015 agreement and even the draft of the sixth round of the talks, and this has disrupted the West’s planning, it adds.

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