Sunday, September 25, 2022

Nuclear case from the perspective of a former top negotiator

Iran not only tries to stand up for its nuclear rights; but tries to safeguard all rights of the Iranian nation, Jalili said.

Concerns among Iran’s enemies about its nuclear program stem from the fact that the Islamic Republic is an independent power on the international stage which stands up to major powers, said Saeed Jalili, the Supreme Leader’s representative in the Supreme National Security Council.

Etemad daily quoted Jalili, who also served as Iran’s top nuclear negotiator under President Ahmadinejad, as saying, “Our production of nuclear energy and our centrifuges are monitored by experts and cameras of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and nuclear activities in Iran are for geared for peaceful purposes.”

He added, “The very same countries which develop and use atomic weapons claim to be advocates of the campaign against the proliferation of nuclear arms; those who claim to favor a free-market economy do not allow [Iran to do] financial transactions anywhere of the world.

Like Hitler they opt for pressure. They even resort to hypocrisy to get what they want. That the Leader is pessimistic about them and does not have much trust in such countries has its roots in their arrogant behavior and our past experience.”

Jalili concluded, “The presence on nuclear front of scientists such as Majid Shahriari [a physicist who was martyred in 2010] has heightened their concerns. The Iranian government not only tries to stand up for its nuclear rights; but tries to safeguard all the rights of the Iranian nation.”

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