Saturday, November 26, 2022

New Ointment Developed to Soothe Knee Arthritis Pains

A group of Iranian researchers have developed an herbal medicine that helps quiet the pain caused by knees arthritis.

To produce the new solution, the researchers have used the root extract of Symphytum Officinale and Rosemary essence as well as other aromatic compounds like Lavender and Lyman Essences.

Paraben and Stearyl alcohol are some of the other ingredients.

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The product is also used as an anti-inflammatory agent as well as a sedative for the pain and the swelling caused by degenerative knee arthritis.

Improving acute muscle pain around the spine is another usage of this Iranian product. This medicine is also used to help heal bruises and improve post-exercise injury and accidents. This herbal remedy is used as an ointment.

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