Muslim States Urged to Close Embassies in US If Trump Moves Embassy to Jerusalem

International conference on Palestinian Intifada
6th International conference on Palestinian Intifada

The participants of an international conference held in Tehran to support Palestine called on Muslim countries to shut down their embassies in the United States if Trump relocates the US embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The closing statement of the sixth International conference “To support the Palestinian Intifada” held in Tehran stressed that the US administration’s intention to move the Zionist entity capital into Al-Quds [Jerusalem] must draw a response from the Arab and Muslim states by closing their embassies in the United States.

It further highlighted the importance of the Palestinian cause, calling on supporting it and avoiding marginalising it amid the regional crises.

The statement also hailed the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance movements, stressing their role in confronting the Zionist entity.

It also called on the international organisations to denounce and deter the Israeli aggressions, warning some Arab and Muslim countries against normalizing ties with the Zionist entity.

Finally, the statement highly appreciated the Iranian people sacrifices for the sake of the Palestinian cause, Al Manar reported.

The Iranian capital, Tehran, hosted on Tuesday and Wednesday an international forum in support of the Palestinian cause, with hundreds of foreign guests, including senior Palestinian leaders and officials of Muslim nations, in attendance.

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