Friday, January 27, 2023

MP Calls for Revision of Iran’s Contraband Laws

An Iranian lawmaker lashed out at the country’s inadequate laws to fight the smuggling of goods, saying the huge amount of contraband cannot be smuggled into Iran without cooperation of certain official sources.

Iranian Minister of Economic Affairs Ali Tayyebnia recently noted that more than 70% of goods smuggled to Iran have unofficial origins.

In reaction to his comments, Mohammad-Esmaeil Saeidi, an Iranian lawmaker, said official sources definitely collaborate in smuggling these goods.

“20 to 27 billion dollars of smuggled goods arrive in Iran every year, and such a large amount is impossible to have only unofficial origins.”

“How much goods can those living near the borders and contraband carriers smuggle,” he asked, saying the Economy Minister’s remarks are not logical.

“This is not the reality,” he noted, according to a Farsi report by ICANA.

“While smuggling has caused extensive damages to Iranian production and economy, no serious measure is taken to stop it: some groups formulate plans to smuggle the goods into Iran in cooperation with official sources.”

“Some systematic problems and a lack of careful supervision over the official sources makes them able to easily smuggle large amounts of goods into the country.”

He then emphasized the need to remove the deficiencies, seriously penalize the professionals who plan the massive smugglings, and revise the penal laws so that the Iranian economy isn’t damaged by this issue anymore.

That said, the banking system must be more controlled in order to clarify the source of huge sums of money put into some bank accounts.

“The current laws and penalties are not deterrent. A detailed, effective mechanism should be set up to stop such actions and the resulted illegal incomes.”

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