Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Minister defends “music” policy while observing religious criteria

To maintain the vitality and dynamism of Iranian music, everyone should make a contribution, said Jannati at the closing of the 30th International Fajr Music Festival.

Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati said his ministry would defend “music” programs while remaining faithful to all religious criteria.

He made the remarks in Tehran on Friday in the closing ceremony of the 30th International Fajr Music Festival.

He noted that certain political groups are manipulating the sincere religious sentiments of people to downgrade music.

He stressed that his ministry while observing all rules and regulations of the Islamic system will defend efforts to promote music.

Referring to attempts by some political groups to create a certain atmosphere around the activities in the area of music, he said that the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance truly believes that it knows all religious and government regulations much better than these groups.

He said all the concerts that have been granted permission by his ministry for public performance observe all regulations.

He said the ministry will support such performances and is not going to give in to the pressures of self-willed groups.

As for propaganda saying that women singers have been given permission for solo performances, he said all these are attempts to mar the political atmosphere in the country.

The minister said had his ministry issued such permission, it would have defended it.

However, he stressed, no such permission has ever been issued and the self-willed groups are only spreading rumors based on incorrect information they have received.

Referring to the important role of the Fajr Music Festival in safeguarding the vitality and dynamism of Iranian music, he said all should join hands to protect this wave.

Jannati added that the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance as the embodiment of the government of President Hassan Rouhani is using all its capabilities to support and protect the sublime and dignified art of music the nation possesses.

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