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A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on Feb. 7

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of newspapers on Saturday and picked headlines from 19 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.

Talks in Munich, Germany between Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and US Secretary of State John Kerry dominated the front pages of Iranian newspapers on Saturday. The comments of the minister of culture and Islamic Guidance about his ministry’s music policy also appeared on the front pages of several dailies.


Afarinesh: “We will pursue a policy of moderation on all fronts,” said President Hassan Rouhani.


Afarinesh newspaper 2 - 7 - 2015

Aftab-e Yazd: A complaint has been filed [by lawyers of the Bar Association] with the Supreme Court to take back [former Vice-President Mohammad Reza] Rahimi’s Medal of Service.


Aftabe yazd newspaper 2 - 7 - 2015

Amin: “IS terrorists have hijacked the holy Koran [to justify their conduct]” said Tehran Friday Prayer Leader Ayatollah Emami Kashani.


Amin newspaper 2 - 7 - 2015

Arman-e Emrooz: “Iran will export gasoline as of next year,” said Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh.

Arman-e Emrooz: Foreign Minister Zarif and Secretary Kerry held a meeting in Munich that ran two and a half hours.


Armane emruz newspaper 2 - 7 - 2015

Asr-e Eghtesad: The minister of industries, mines and trade has said his ministry will cover up to 50 percent of the costs of Iranian industries taking part in exhibitions overseas.


Asre eghtesad newspaper 2 - 7 - 2015

Asrar: “Government is opposed to gender segregation,” said the vice-president for women’s affairs.

Asrar: “New sanctions will result in Iran’s withdrawal from the NPT,” said Hossein Mousavian, a former Iranian nuclear negotiator.


Asrar newspaper 2 - 7 - 2015

Ebtekar: “Talks with world oil giants are underway,” said the Iranian oil minister.


Ebtekar newspaper 2 - 7 - 2015

Emtiaz: “Some 800,000 university seats are empty,” said the minister of science, research and technology.


Emtiaz newspaper 2 - 7 - 2015

Ettela’at: “We have scored major victories in nuclear negotiations,” President Rouhani said.

Ettela’at: “Social networks won’t be banned,” announced the minister of communications and information technology.

Ettela’at: Value-added tax stands at nine percent next year.


Ettelaat newspaper 2 - 7 - 2015

Hambastegi: “We will push the nuclear talks forward in Munich,” said Foreign Minister Zarif.


Hambastegi newspaper 2 - 7 - 2015

Hemayat: “Plans to launch a manned mission to space are on the agenda,” said the Iranian deputy defense minister.


Hemayat newspaper 2 - 7 - 2015

Iran: The minister of culture and Islamic guidance has lashed out at those who build on fake news to hammer his ministry. “The views of the Supreme Leader are the basis of all the decisions the ministry makes in the field of music.”


Iran newspaper 2 - 7 - 2015

Jomhouri Islami: Industrial exports bring in between $7 billion and $10 billion in foreign revenues.


Jomhorie eslami newspaper 2 - 7 - 2015

Kaenat: The targeted subsidies law [which requires the government to pay monthly cash subsidies to citizens] will undergo change next year.


Kaenaat newspaper 2 - 7 - 2015

Khorasan: “Iran and Russia have struck a deal to jointly produce nuclear fuel inside Iran,” said the spokesman of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran.


Khorasan newspaper 2 - 7 - 2015

Mardomsalari: “Ahmadinejad is to blame for the decline in the value of national currency,” said the Friday prayer leader of Isfahan.


Mardom salari newspaper 2 - 7 - 2015

Sayeh: “A bullet train with a maximum speed of 300 km an hour will link Tehran to Isfahan,” President Rouhani said.


Sayeh newspaper 2 - 7 - 2015

Shahrvand: “Chemotherapy and radiotherapy services will be free of charge,” said the managing director of the Social Security Organization.


Sahrvand newspaper 2 - 7 - 2015

Tafahom: “There are as many as 8 million ADSL customers in the country,” said the minister of communications.


Tafahom newspaper 2 - 7 - 2015


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