Friday, February 23, 2024

Lavrov calls on all parties in Vienna to return to JCPOA commitments

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has called on all parties in Vienna to return to their commitments under the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal.

In a phone conversation with Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian on Tuesday, Lavrov emphasized the importance of reviving the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and lifting illegal sanctions, stating that all parties, and in the first place the United States, must return to their commitments.

Lavrov noted that Moscow has always stressed the need to stop destructive actions against the JCPOA and that Russia understands Iran’s concerns.

The Russian Foreign Minister also welcomed the Iranian side’s position on the need to increase the speed to reach an outcome in the Vienna talks.

During the call, Amir Abdollahian also called on the West to show realism and take tangible and genuine actions to help reach a deal in Vienna.

The top Iranian diplomat said Tehran is resolutely seeking a good agreement within the framework of its interests and rights.

The Iranian foreign minister described as constructive Russia’s position on the issue of Iran’s nuclear program.

He stressed that the effective lifting of sanctions is a very important issue and that Iran will continue its consultations and contacts with Moscow and other parties in this regard.

Earlier in the day, Amir Abdollahian told his Chinese counterpart that the western sides in Vienna should make serious decisions on the removal of anti-Iran sanctions for a deal to emerge.

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