Sunday, October 2, 2022

Kurdish Nomads of Iran Preserve Centuries-Old Wedding Customs

Kurdish people of Iran’s Khorasan, who are known as Kurmanji Kurds, have managed to preserve their centuries-old wedding customs, and are still practicing many of them in their ceremonies.

Kurmanji nomads in North Khorasan province, north-eastern Iran, are highly dependent on women who carry out a major share of daily activities. Therefore, men in Kurmanji tribes can never live without a wife.

For a nomadic man, marriage is one of the prerequisites for the continuation of life. Due to the significant role played by women in nomadic life, widowers get married again much sooner than what is common among the townspeople.

Whenever a young man reaches the age of marriage, his relatives start thinking of choosing a wife for him. And if the parents fail in this regard, the young man himself will send a message through friends to his parents, and they will find a girl for him to marry.

What follows are photos of nomadic people’s wedding ceremony retrieved from Fars News Agency and IRNA:

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