Thursday, May 23, 2024

Israel Assassinated Fakhrizadeh to Trigger Instability, War in Region: President

The Iranian president says by assassinating top Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the Israeli regime sought to provoke tension in the region while lame-duck US President Donald Trump is spending his final days in office.

Speaking to reporters in a press conference on Monday, President Hassan Rouhani said all those involved in the terrorist act wanted to ignite the flames of war in the region.

“The assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was the handiwork of those who wanted to plunge the region into war during the last days of the tenure of Trump’s evil administration. This was their main objective. The main goal that the Israeli regime pursued by assassinating Dr. Fakhrizadeh was to create instability and war during the final days of the Trump administration,” said the president.

He noted Iran will take vengeance upon those involved in the scientist’s assassination in an appropriate time.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran regards martyr Fakhrizadeh as an eminent scientist and reserves the right to avenge his assassination, and will take its revenge at the right place and time. But we will not allow others to determine its place and timing,” he said, highlighting the significance of regional stability to Iran.

President Rouhani then touched upon Iran’s cooperation with other countries to maintain stability in the region, adding this cooperation kept US President Donald Trump form getting any document passed in international circles against Iran.

“Cooperation among major countries is important in order to ensure stability in the region and across the world,” President Rouhani said.

“You know the reason why Trump was not successful [in his efforts] against Iran in international circles was the cooperation and coordination between Iran and other countries, especially between Iran and the 4+1 group. So, Trump failed in any case that he took to the UN Security Council and he failed to get anything approved,” he added.

“Therefore, we still seek to have close relations with all countries, especially countries such as Russia and China. We have had very close and good cooperation with them. We have also had cooperation with the European Union, with our neighbours. We want to have close relations with them all,” he noted.

The president noted cooperation among signatories to the Iran nuclear deal, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), can help save the agreement.
He further referred to Iran’s initiative for peace in the region.

“You know, we presented the Hormuz peace initiative for the Persian Gulf region. The plan was brought up at the UN General Assembly last year and was later sent to the heads of all regional states, including the six countries to the south of the Persian Gulf as well as Iraq. This peace plan is still on the table and we are ready to hold more talks on this peace initiative,” he added.

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