Thursday, May 30, 2024

IRGC deputy commander: Saudi, US and Israeli alliance to fail

A high-ranking official with the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) says the history of previous alliances between the US, Saudi Arabia and the Zionist regime shows a new alliance they call Arabic NATO will be weak and ineffective in the face of the resistance front and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Brigadier General Yadollah Javani the IRGC’s deputy commander for political affairs said the record of the US, Saudi Arabia and the Zionist regime which is filled with defeats in the past years at the hands of the resistance front.

Javani noted that alliance building against Iran and the axis of resistance during the period when the US and its two regional allies were at the height of their power was a failure let alone now.

He cited the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council as an example, saying the body was formed over 40 years ago but its record is empty of any achievement.

Javani referred to the Saudi and UAE alliance against Yemen which also failed to achieve anything in the war on Yemen.

As another example, he mentioned Syria where the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia as well as 100 other countries joined hands to topple the Syrian government but failed to do so.

Javani said all indications show the US will leave the Middle East and the Zionist regime will collapse, adding that nothing can reverse this trend.

Referring to US President Joe Biden’s upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia and occupied Palestine, he said it is aimed at persuading the Saudis to increase their oil production to defuse the energy crisis in the West and to speed up the process of normalization of ties between the Zionist regime and some Arab states, especially Riyadh.

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