IRGC to Counter Enemies Who Seek to ‘Milk’ Iran: Commander

Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps assured the Iranian nation of the IRGC’s unwavering resolve to safeguard the Islamic Republic’s interests against the adversaries seeking to “milk” Iran.

In comments, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari underlined that the IRGC is duty bound to protect the Iranian nation, the Establishment, and the country’s security against the enemies with its great military capabilities, including missiles.

The IRGC believes that the aliens only care about their own interests and are seeking to “milk Iran”, the commander added, warning officials that putting trust in the outsiders would only result in “embarrassment and encountering successive acts of betrayal.”

The IRGC feels bound to protect the Islamic Revolution and its achievements, the top general added, describing the efforts to cut the Iranian economy’s dependence on foreigners and improve the livelihood of people as one main instance of such protection.

Major General Jafari then emphasized that the IRGC is not concentrating on economic and business-related activities, arguing that its programs are confined to fighting poverty, development plans in underprivileged areas, and thwarting the plots that the enemies hatch to put economic pressure on Iran.

The commander then pointed to a large number of mega-projects completed by the IRGC, including several phases of the South Pars gas field, the Persian Gulf Star gas condensate refinery, a large number of dams, and a whole host of other projects.

Without getting frustrated by the unfair criticism of the IRGC’s role in the country, the IRGC and Basij (voluntary forces) are still fully prepared to give the administration assistance by contributing to development plans, helping improve the livelihood of people, and reducing the economic burden for them, he underlined.

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