Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Iran’s Rouhani Congratulates Pontiff on Christmas, New Year

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The Iranian president has, in a message to Head of the Catholic Church Pope Francis, congratulated him on the birthday of Jesus Christ and the arrival of the Christian New Year.

In his message, President Hassan Rouhani urged the human community to follow Jesus Christ as a role model.

“Jesus Christ was the harbinger of monotheism and a messenger of kindness, altruism, freedom and salvation,” said the president in his message to the leader of the world’s Catholics.

“Reflecting upon the characteristics and virtues of Jesus Christ, and looking up to his demeanour and lifestyle, which was always associated with kindness and tolerance, can help tackle the social and cultural challenges facing humanity today, serve as balm for its sufferings, save man from problems and be a path to human perfection,” he added.

“Thanks to the blessings associated with the birthday of Jesus Christ, I hope the evil COVID-19 virus will be controlled and contained in the Christian New Year and man’s life return to normal, and man’s life will be coupled with redoubled happiness and peace and security will take hold across the world,” the president added.

“I ask God Almighty to bestow health and success on Your Excellency and I wish all people around the world prosperity and dignity,” the president added.

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