Judiciary Vows to Finish Screening of Those Arrested over Iran Riots

Iran’s Prosecutor Judicial Screening of Arrestees Due to End Soon (1)

Iranian Prosecutor General Mohammad Jafar Montazeri says the screening of the people arrested in the recent violent protests is expected to end within the next two days, noting that those found innocent would be released immediately.

Montazeri on Saturday paid a two-hour visit to a detention center in Tehran and had face-to-face conversations with the people arrested during the riots that erupted in the wake of a recent hike in the price of subsidized fuel in the country.

Speaking to reporters after the visit, the prosecutor general said the judicial screening of the arrestees would be finished within the next 48 hours, noting that the innocent arrestees will be released as soon as possible.

The people found guilty will be rapidly categorized according to their crimes, he added, noting that the convicts charged with heavy crimes will have to face justice.

Montazeri also said that he has advised the arrestees to behave honestly during interrogation, pledging that sincerity would help the detainees.

All arrestees have had contacts with their families and all of them have expressed satisfaction with the detention center’s situation, he noted.

The prosecutor general also expressed hope that those deceived into attending riots would not fall victim to the hostile plots once again, saying there is no red line in taking action against the “main elements” behind the unrest.

“Our message for the enemies is that ‘do not think that you can reach your objectives by deceiving a small number of people’,” Montazeri added, saying the security and intelligence organizations are addressing the issues according to the evidence.

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