Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Iran’s Less Seen Face on Display in France’s Silk Road Exhibition

The city of Aubin in southern France is hosting the second Silk Road Exhibition with a focus on countries like Iran and Uzbekistan.

According to the organizers of the exhibition, the main objectives of the exhibition are strengthening cultural bonds as well as clearing up some misunderstandings among the participating countries.

The seven-day exhibition is expected to promote literature, arts, artifacts and history of Iran and Uzbekistan, a report by ISNA said.

The organizers had originally decided to dedicate the first two days of the exhibition to Uzbekistan but changed their mind at the last minute and included Iran as well, giving the country its own exclusive day.

On Iran’s Day, the Silk Road Exhibition is expected to promote some Iranian dishes popular among French tourists who have visited the country over the past years.

“Iran’s Unknown Face” is another section which seeks to give an answer to questions the French people might have about daily life in Iran. An Iranian journalist and tour guide will be present to answer all possible questions, mainly the ones concerning religion and women’s hijab and their role in people’s lives.

Persian carpet, miniature, architecture, medicine and poem are among other items on display during the Silk Road Exhibition. A group of French researchers who have conducted deep research on Silk Road will be in charge of presenting the items.

The main figure of the exhibition is Molla Nasreddin, a renowned Seljuq satirist and writer highly popular in Turkey, Iran, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, India and parts of Europe.

French experts on three legendary Iranian poets Omar Khayyam, Saadi Shirazi, and Hafez introduce the French public to their poetry.

Aubin is widely known as the city of pottery and ceramic. During the exhibition, a caravan resembling the convoys of old times which travelled on the Silk Road will march among potters and ceramic makers in Aubin to raise awareness among the French about the culture of the Silk Road.

The organizers say the event gives France a chance to return some of the respect it has received from the Iranian and Uzbek cultures throughout history. They also added that they were interested in bringing Iranian and French nations closer together.

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