Friday, October 7, 2022

Iran’s Government Takes Inclusive Measures to Tackle Coronavirus

Iran’s government has put in place comprehensive efforts to combat the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus and prevent the spread of the disease in the country.

These efforts are made in collaboration with all related institutions and under the supervision of the Health Ministry to completely eradicate the disease.

The government has taken numerous measures to prevent and contain the virus in the country over the past month following the spread of the virus in China.

Shortly after the outbreak in Wuhan, Iran stopped flights to and from China which was one of the most important decisions made in this regard. The Iranian students living in Wuhan were evacuated and then quarantined in Iran.

Since last Wednesday, the government has made several important decisions to deal with the problem. At present, the number of hospitals that admit patients has increased. The government has taken every opportunity to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Diagnostic kits have been imported into the country and corona testing is performed for suspected cases without delay.

Coronavirus prevention and control training was also provided to 6,000 supervisors across the country, and schools were instructed to combat the disease.

In addition, concerts, movies, and sport events have been cancelled till the weekend. Museums, schools and universities in most provinces are shut down. Distributing free masks is also on the agenda.

President Hassan Rouhani has ordered the Minister of Health and Medical Education to form the National Coronavirus Management Headquarters. Upon the President’s order, the Plan and Budget Organisation was required to provide any funding needed to tackle the virus in its entirety. The Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade must also produce and supply all relevant medical equipment and supplies as soon as possible.

The Education Ministry should work on a national plan to provide training and preventive health courses for the students and staff. All congresses, assemblies, camps, and competitions were banned until further notice. Schools were also required to use liquid soap, garbage cans equipped with garbage bags, disinfectants. The distribution of cooked food and handmade sandwiches was banned.

Meanwhile, The Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade ordered all producers of masks and disinfectants to mass produce the facilities needed to fight coronavirus.

Health Minister Saeed Namaki says it’s tried to gather patients in the referral centres and prevent any further outbreak.

“Health centres throughout the country are on alert, especially in areas where there are cases of illness.

There are also special ambulances next to these centres to transport patients in emergency cases,” added Namaki.

“We had meetings with the mayor it is planned to disinfect buses and subway stations twice a day.

We also use disinfectants at the entrance of the subway and provide people with free masks.”
He went on to say that fortunately, laboratory facilities are now completely equipped.

“Even when the World Health Organization and China had problems with diagnostic kits, we were able to design and build diagnostic kits at the Pasteur Institute, so before WHO gives us a limited number of kits, we used the Corona diagnostic method.”

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