Saturday, March 2, 2024

Iran’s ex-FM urges Tehran not to get too close to U.S., China or Russia

Iran’s former foreign minister has urged Tehan to go for a middle ground between China, Russia and the United States and avoid getting too close to any of them.

“Where does Iran want to stand in this triangle? If Iran goes and sticks to one of the vertexes of this triangle, it will be disastrous. I think Iran should stand in the middle of this triangle and make the most of opportunities and weak points,” said Aliakbar Salehi in and interview with media.

“The United States wants to preserve its so-called grandeur in a unipolar world, but it has two rivals: One economic rival called China and a military one called Russia,” he explained.

Salehi said the U.S. can go to the top, but, on the way up, is facing threats from Russia and China.

“The United States cannot deal with these two rivals with war because, in that case, the U.S. itself will be a loser, too. How should the U.S. do that? Through clever methods,” said Salehi.

“The United States got Russia bogged down in Ukraine. But how can it handle China? Through Energy,” he explained.

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