Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Iran’s ex-ambassador to Baku: Israel fueling tension between Azerbaijan and Armenia 

Iran’s former ambassador to the Republic of Azerbaijan says Israel is covertly and indirectly encouraging Baku to play a negative role in the region.

Mohsen Pakaeen was speaking during an interview with Entekhab online media outlet.

He said while selling arms to Azerbaijan, the Zionist regime also cooperates with Armenia secretly.

Pakaeen added that Tel Aviv’s goal is to prolong the war in the Caucasus so that it can maintain its influence in the region.

Asked about the likelihood of a war between Iran and Azerbaijan, he said the major conflict is between Azerbaijan and Armenia and Iran is only playing a mediating role alongside Russia with the aim of easing tensions between Baku and Yerevan.

However, Iran, he noted, will continue supporting the territorial integrity of regional countries as it is opposed to any change in geographical borders.

According him, Tehran believes that such changes could ignite other wars and pave the way for the military expedition of extra-regional countries to the Caucasus. Pakaeen warned that if Azerbaijan seeks to capture the Zangzour corridor by force, then it’s likely that the US will intervene.

He said the corridor is part of Armenian soil but this has not been specified in the Moscow peace treaty that ended the 2020 conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Pakaeen added that this has provided Baku with an excuse to lay a claim to Zangzour.

He said Russia’s recent position against Azerbaijan is a deterrent because based on the Moscow agreement, Russia is monitoring the ceasefire between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

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