Monday, January 24, 2022

Iran’s Covid deaths hit new low

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The downward trend in Covid deaths, infections and hospitalizations in Iran has been holding for the past few days.

The Iranian Healthy Ministry figures show the number of blue cities where the risk from Covid is lowest has increased to 219. There are no red zones. The number of orange and yellow cities is respectively 22 and 207. Meanwhile, single-day Covid fatalities since Saturday fell to 80, the lowest death toll in nearly 8 months. Over the past 24 hours, 3,781 new infections were logged including 649 hospitalizations. 

The total caseload since the start of the pandemic nearly two years ago is 6,108,882. Of that figure, 5,863,248 people recovered from Covid. 

The downward trend gives credence to statements by authorities that their nationwide vaccination campaign has been effective. 

The number of Covid vaccine doses administered to Iranians is 104,886,372. So far, 57,408,046 people have received the first dose of vaccine while the number of those who have been given the second shot is 46,510,395. The number of the third dose, known as the booster shot, is 967,931.  

Despite the positive moves by the Healthy Ministry and the retreat of Covid, officials warn people against relaxing health protocols given the emergence of the new strain of the virus known as Omicron variant and the possibility of a new wave of the outbreak.

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