Iranians to Go on Hajj Pilgrimage under Certain Conditions: MP

Iran Officially Declares Cancellation of This Year's Hajj Pilgrimage

A lawmaker says Iran will set conditions for accepting any invitation by Saudi Arabia to resume sending pilgrims to Hajj.

After Saudi Arabia cut its diplomatic ties with Iran in early 2016, Iranian Muslims can’t participate anymore in Hajj- the annual Pilgrimage in Mecca. Now there are rumours that Saudi Arabia has invited Iran to take part in next year’s Hajj.

Although the Foreign Ministry has denied receiving any invitation, Ali Motahari, the Vice-Speaker of Iranian Parliament, believes that if Iran receives Riyadh’s invitation to participate in next year’s Hajj, it should accept it “because such an invitation proves a moderation in policies and should be welcomed.”

“However, to resume its participation in Hajj, Iran will definitely set preconditions for Saudi Arabia. No agreement will be reached until they accept our conditions,” he stressed, according to a Farsi report by ICANA.

This Iranian lawmaker confirmed that it is a good occasion for Iran to claim its rights.

“Saudi Arabia must pay us the blood money of Iranian pilgrims killed in 2015 Mina crush. We can also petition for the blood money of 400 Iranian martyrs of 1987 Hajj.”

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