Thursday, April 18, 2024

Iranians, mostly youths, sitting national university admission exam

Hundreds of thousands of Iranians, mostly youngsters, have been taking part in the national university entrance exam, a highly-competitive test that applicants need to pass to gain admission to higher education institutions in Iran.

The first day of the exam started on Wednesday with 161,378 people competing for a classroom seat in the field of fine arts.

A total of 1,489,220 Iranian applicants have registered to take the exam that could see them enrolled at universities for the upcoming academic year.

Applicants for the humanities this year number at 412,577 and for mathematical and technical sciences at 145,747. Exams for those two fields were scheduled to take place on Thursday.

The oldest applicants this year are a group of two 81-year-olds, a 78-year-old, two 75-year-olds, three 74-year-olds, and one 73-year-old. The youngest are four 13-year-olds. All others are applicants roughly at the age of 18, when youngsters normally finish secondary education.

The results of the national university entrance exam are expected in a month, and those who pass will be able to proceed to registration at higher graduation institutes shortly afterwards.

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