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Iranian teacher travelling 80km daily to teach nomad students

An Iranian teacher, in western Iran, treks a long way across rough terrain every day to get to his students living in nomad-populated areas.

To teach students and get back home, Reza Rezaee travels a total distance of 80 kilometers between the counties of Siahkhani and Qadah in the Western Iranian Province of Ilam, across hardly negotiable nomadic regions every day.

Having 25 years of teaching experience, Rezaee himself studied in a nomad-populated area when he was a student.

“Teaching nomad students is a very attractive and enjoyable job for me,” he told Fars News Agency.

“The number of students was more over previous years as nomads migrated to this area, but this year, they didn’t come here due to drought,” he added.

He says these students are very far from the nearest schools, so he decided to reach out to them to educate them two days a week.

He says he goes to them on motorbike, though the road ahead is rough and difficult to pass.

He says he loves his job and is really satisfied when he can see his students learning lessons.

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