Sunday, October 2, 2022

Iranian Scientists Invent Pain Relief Kit for Joint Diseases

A group of Iranian researchers have produced a type of pain relief and tissue repair kit for those suffering from joint diseases.

The anti-pain kit called “Orthokine PRP” is used to treat joint diseases. This therapeutic technique has an analgesic effect and provides high relief.

This method stops the chronic inflammatory process and has a long lifespan. It is very effective in most patients, especially in those who are suffering from knee and pelvis arthritis.

Iranian Scientists Invent Pain Relief Kit for Joint Diseases
Iran Becomes Third Largest Producer of Orthokine PRP Kits

The benefits of this product in comparison to its foreign counterparts is the use of polished glass tubes instead of plastic syringes in the blood sampling process. This accelerates the production of the cytokines released in the blood. It has also eliminated the disadvantages of the micro-plastics used in the foreign samples.

Also, the use of PRP method along with the Orthokine therapy has some advantages. Reconstruction of joints along with pain relief due to platelet-rich plasma injection occurs at the final treatment stage.

This comes as the imported sample only reduces the pain. The low cost of the Orthokine kit, along with its high effectiveness, has increased the demands for this product.

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