Thursday, September 29, 2022

Iranian Researchers to Reproduce Asiatic Cheetah

A number of Iranian researchers are trying to reproduce the endangered species Asiatic cheetah using a substitute womb.

Head of Iran’s Royan Research Centre Hamid Goorabi says researchers at the facility have managed to reproduce a baby ram called “Maral” from the womb of a ewe, and now they are trying to reproduce the Asiatic cheetah from a substitute womb to save the species from extinction.

“To that end, we needed to prepare the ground and make some arrangements, which was realized on the back of efforts by our colleagues and with the establishment of a wildlife cell bank at the research centre,” said Goorabi, according to a Farsi report by Tabnak.

He went on saying that extensive studies have been conducted in this area at the research centre, adding, “At the moment, the cells of some wildlife animals such as the Iranian (Asiatic) cheetah has been collected at the bank cell of the research centre.”

He said research work like the one by which the baby ram was reproduced is aimed at preventing certain species from extinction, including the cheetah, and added, “As our researchers continue their studies, they are seeking to simulate other species such as the cheetah.”

As for the cheetah, he said, the arrangements have been made and numerous studies have been carried out.

“At the moment, we’re looking for a substitute womb, so that we can transfer the fetus to the womb of another animal from which the cheetah can be born.”

As for the possible options for a substitute womb, he said some felines seem suitable for that purpose.

“Of course, research is underway in that regard and it needs further studies, which our colleagues are conducting.”

He said several lab-grown animals are scheduled to be unveiled in almost a month’s time.

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