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Iranian reed maestro, Jamshid Andalibi, leaves a harmonious legacy at 66

The people of music in Iran are mourning the loss of Jamshid Andalibi, a virtuoso reed player, who passed away at 66 due to cardiac arrest.

Andalibi’s musical journey was marked by a remarkable self-taught beginning, evolving into a mastery of reed instruments through formal education at Tehran University.

Known for his devotion to Iranian music, Andalibi honed his craft with renowned mentors like Nasrollah Nasehpour, Noor Ali Boroumand, and Mohammad Reza Lotfi.

In 1981, he sought perfection in advanced reed techniques under Hassan Kasaei in Isfahan.

Beyond performing in iconic projects like “Bidad” and “Dastan,” Andalibi was a prolific composer, contributing to numerous other albums.

Andalibi’s enchanting solo performances in “Neynava” contributed to making it one of the most authentic and revered compositions in the annals of Iranian music, immortalizing his legacy as a maestro of reed playing.

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