Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Iranian president: Nowruz symbolizes a culture based on values

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has in separate messages congratulated the leaders of countries marking Nowruz on the arrival of the New Year.

In his message, Raisi described Nowruz as the symbol and manifestation of a culture and civilization that is based on values.

President Raisi said worshipping God, loving family and promoting peace form the peak of the culture that emanates from Nowruz.

The message said deliberation about the magnificence of the creation and heeding the transformation of the nature during spring is a wakeup call to hearts, attracts people’s attention to God and brings growth to humanity.

The Iranian president expressed hope that in the new century, regional nations will move toward divine and human perfection at a higher speed and will have happier days ahead.

He added that Iran views the strengthening and expansion of this cultural solidarity as a harbinger of peace for all regional countries and the whole world, and in this regard, extends its hand of friendship to all nations.

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