Saturday, April 20, 2024

Iranian President Inaugurates Thousands of National Projects

President Hassan Rouhani has opened thousands of new construction, employment, and housing projects across the country via videoconference.

In an online event on Monday, President Rouhani ordered the opening of thousands of new projects in the 27th week of inauguration of national projects across the country.

In the videoconference, the president inaugurated 6,750 construction projects, 26,512 plans for rural and nomadic employment, and 282 housing projects in villages in various provinces.

The new projects, unveiled on the eve of the national Day of Village and Nomads, have been funded with an investment of 13,122 billion tomans and have provided employment for 86,894 people.

The new projects have been carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, Education Ministry, Oil Ministry (gas supply projects), Energy Ministry (power transfer projects), Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, Interior Ministry, Health Ministry, Ministry of Culture, the Islamic Revolution Housing Foundation, Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation, the Construction Basij Organization, Executive Headquarters of Imam’s Directive, and Omid Entrepreneurship Fund.

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