Sunday, May 26, 2024

Iranian president: Any criticism of government must be fair 

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has urged his critics inside Iran to let the country move ahead without making pointless criticisms of the state of the affairs.

President Raisi said when a president is elected, others help him succeed in running the country instead of making unfounded claims. The president noted that making people disappointed is not worthy of praise.

Raisi said criticism would help right the wrongs but any criticism must be fair.

He further spoke about economic growth of Iran. Raisi said the economic growth from the Persian calendar year of 1400 to 1401 was between 4.4 and 5 percent.

The president further highlighted the need to avoid economic extravagance.

He said in water, electricity and gas as well as other sectors, it is necessary to define a consumption pattern.

He cited gasoline as an example, saying the consumption of million liters of the commodity is too high for a country that aims to set up more factories and petro-refineries.

Raisi said financial discipline is very important in the government.

He pointed to Iran’s leader’s recent remarks in the holy city of Mashhad about the necessity of preventing extravagance.

The president went on to say that those comments are in the first place directed at the government.

He said all people working in state-run bodies need to check their respective organizations and prevent extravagance.

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