Sunday, June 23, 2024

Iranian pres. to Saudi FM: Expansion of Tehran-Riyadh cooperation annoys only enemies of Muslims

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has told Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan that expansion of cooperation between Tehran and Riyadh has pissed off only the enemies of Muslims, especially the Zionist regime.

Raisi added that the Israeli regime is not only the enemy of Palestinians but it’s also a threat to all Muslims.

The president said normalization of ties with the regime by some countries not only does not bring security for them but it also goes against the will of the Muslim ummah.

He maintained that there are some problems in the West Asian region that have plagued the Muslim ummah, noting that cooperation and dialog between regional countries can help overcome the problems.

The Iranian president also said there is no need for extra-regional interference for this purpose.

Raisi then referred to Iran’s successful experience in fighting terrorism and defeating Takfiri terror groups, adding that the results of this successful fight are among areas in which Tehran and Riyadh can work together.

The Saudi foreign minister also expressed pleasure with the restoration of ties between his country and Iran and with his visit to Tehran.

He described the current state of ties as a golden opportunity which should be appreciated.

Bin Farhan stressed that cooperation with Tehran paves the way for both sides and the broader region to use this opportunity.

He then pointed to the Saudi king’s order to form various working groups to boost relations with Iran to a strategic level, saying economic, development and cultural cooperation is on the agenda of the two countries.

While noting that some countries do not want peace and progress in the region, bin Farhan said expansion of cooperation between his country and Iran will result in endless achievements and will guarantee non-interference by foreign players in regional affairs.

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