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A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on Nov. 16

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of newspapers on Sunday and picked headlines from 35 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.

Iranian newspaper front pages were dominated on Sunday by speculations on whether the Islamic Consultative Assembly will endorse President Rouhani’s fourth nominee to take over the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. Another pervasive front-page headline was the confirmation by the Supreme Court of a lower court verdict barring Saeed Mortazavi, a former Tehran prosecutor, from the bench for life and from public office for five years.

Afkar: The Middle East’s largest gold factory has been inaugurated in northwestern Iran.


Afkar newspaper 11 - 16


Asr-e Eghtesad: “Iran is 17th in the world when it comes to tourist security,” said the director of the Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization.


Asre eghtesad newspaper 11 - 16

Asr-e Iranian: Some 100 MPs have signed a petition to question Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on parliament floor.


Asre iranian newspaper 11 - 16

Asrar: “The government [of President Rouhani] will not change its nominee for minister of science,” said the president’s deputy.

Asrar: “I hope the culture minister does not give in to pressures when it comes to defending press freedom,” said Rasoul Montajabnia, a reformist activist.


Asrar newspaper 11 - 16

Ebtekar: Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has once again been summoned to appear before parliament.

Ebtekar: Pressure is building on President Rouhani to change his pick for the science ministry. Jafar Nili-Monfared, the deputy science minister and Saeed Semnanian, an advisor to the minister, have both resigned their posts amid a showdown between the Cabinet and parliament on who will take over the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.


Ebtekar newspaper 11 - 16

Emtiaz: “Iran has the tools to minimize the damage caused by a slump in oil prices,” said Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh.


Emtiaz newspaper 11 - 16

Esfahan Emrooz: “Officials have discovered some leads based on victim accounts about acid attacks in Isfahan,” said an MP representing the central city where the attacks took place.


Esfehane emruz newspaper 11 - 16

Etemad: “Some members of parliament desire to become minister of science,” said Ali Motahari, a Tehran MP, in an interview with the daily.

Etemad: Iran Air, Iran’s flagship carrier, says it has built on the Geneva Interim Agreement between Iran and P5+1 to purchase spare parts from Boeing.


Etemad newspaper 11 - 16

Ettela’at: Fierce clashes have broken out between the Palestinians and the Israeli police in the West Bank and Quds.


Ettelaat newspaper 11 - 16

Farhikhtegan: “Iran’s oil revenues have plummeted to $26 billion from a previous $110 billion,” said Government Spokesman Mohammad Bagher Nobakht.


Farhikhtegan newspaper 11 - 16

Financial Tribune: Gasoline imports halved on lower consumption.


Finational tribune newspaper 11 - 16

Hambastegi: “A draft bill on parties has been submitted to the government,” said Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli.

Hambastegi: “Proper management is needed to promote the public culture,” said Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati.

Hambastegi: “The reform camp is moving according to the law and in line with Islam and Iran’s interests,” said Hadi Khamenei, a reformist cleric.


Hambastegi newspaper 11 - 16

Hamshahri: Renowned Iranian director Majid Majidi is to head the jury of the upcoming Fajr International Film Festival.


Hamshahri newspaper 11 - 16

Hemayat: “The Supreme Court has upheld the conviction of Saeed Mortazavi [a former Tehran prosecutor],” said a deputy Judiciary chief, confirming that the former Tehran prosecutor will be banned from judicial positions for ever. Other reports also indicate that he will be barred from all government portfolios for five years.


Hemayat newspaper 11 - 16

Hosban: A historical gate dating back to the Achaemenian era has been discovered 3 km away from Takht-e Jamshid (a.k.a. Persepolis) in southern Iran.


Hosban newspaper 11 - 16

Iran: Global leaders meet in a tense atmosphere for the annual G20 summit in Australia.


Iran newspaper 11 - 16

Iran Daily: IAEA removes UAE’s fake Iran map.


Iran daily newspaper 11 - 16

Jamejam: Air pollution has made a comeback to metropolises.


Jame jam newspaper 11 - 16

Jomhouri Islami: “The government will draw up the country’s spending package for next year (starting March 21, 2015) based on an oil price of $70-80 per barrel,” said the vice-president for planning affairs.


Jomhorie eslami newspaper 11 - 16'

Kaenat: Efforts are underway to implement the National Document on Senior Citizens.

Kaenat: Access to Viber and Instagram will not be banned.


Kaenaat newspaper 11 - 16

Kar va Kargar: “More time is needed [for Iran and P5+1] to reach a final nuclear agreement,” said the Russian Foreign Ministry.


Karo kargar newspaper 11 - 16

Kasbokar: Truck transit is cut in half between Iran and Turkey following a rise in tariffs.


Kasbo kar newspaper 11 - 16


Kayhan: Iran and China have concluded a major economic and industrial deal, the Iranian Energy Ministry announced.


Kayhan newspaper 11 - 16

Khorasan: Iran and China have inked a $50-billion agreement.


Khorasan newspaper 11 - 16

Mardomsalari: “Gastric cancer is the number one killer cancer in Iran,” said the health minister, offering condolences on the death of pop singer Morteza Pashaei [who died on Friday at the age of 30].


Mardom salari newspaper 11 - 16

Payam-e Zaman: “Efforts should be made to set balanced prices for oil,” said President Rouhani in a meeting with the Venezuelan foreign minister.

Payam-e Zaman: “We will offer a clear report on recent acid attacks to people,” the interior minister told reporters.


Payame zaman newspaper 11 - 16

Resalat: “Political bickering counters production and justice,” said Ahmad Tavakoli, a Tehran MP.

Resalat: The Iraqi Army and people are getting prepared to liberate Tikrit in northern Iraq. It comes as reports indicate that ISIL terrorists have lost ground in Baiji.


Resalat newspaper 11 - 16

Roozan: “Efforts to dispute the nuclear talks [between Iran and P5+1] run counter to the policies of the establishment,” said Deputy Foreign Minister Hassan Qashqavi.


Ruzan newspaper 11 - 16

Sepid reported that the country’s complementary insurance companies have lent overwhelming support to the [government’s] Healthcare Transformation Plan.


Sepid newspaper 11 - 16

Shahrvand: A deputy foreign minister has warned Iranian nationals that they risk death by trying to illegally find their way to Australia.


Shahrvand newspaper 11 - 16

Sharq: The chairman of the Iranian National Olympic Committee has said in an exclusive that in some sports women’s presence in arenas is acceptable.


Shargh newspaper 11 - 16

Taadol: “The Supreme National Security Council makes the final decision on a final nuclear deal,” said Deputy Foreign Minister Hassan Qashqavi, in response to calls by some MPs that any possible deal should secure parliament’s approval.


Taadol newspaper 11 - 16

Tafahom: Record stagnation in ten years has hit the Iranian car market.


Tafahom newspaper 11 - 16

Tejarat: Interest rates might change in the next six months.


Tejarat newspaper 11 - 16

Vatan-e Emrooz: Some Iranian MPs say the parliament should confirm the final nuclear agreement between Iran and P5+1.


Vatane emruz newspaper 11 - 16

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