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Iranian negotiating team is the winner, with or without a deal

Ahmad Tavakoli, a principlist MP, has said that the nation and Supreme Leader have supported the nuclear team and that Iran’s representatives in nuclear talks are the winners irrespective of the outcome of the talks.

Ahmad Tavakoli, a Tehran MP, says that the Iranian nuclear team is the ultimate winner of the talks with or without a nuclear deal at the close of the nuclear negotiations with P5+1.

Tavakoli made the comment in an interview with Nasim Online News Agency and added that the nuclear team has been defending Iran’s nuclear rights for the past 18 months. The following is the translation of the principlist MP’s remarks released by his website, alef.ir on July 9:


Agreement and commitment

Under the Constitution, anything which causes the Iranian government to take on a commitment vis-à-vis a foreign country should be approved by parliament. What name such a commitment carries is not important; what matters is whether it requires Iran to meet a commitment or not. If there is no commitment, the legislative go-ahead is not necessary, but if there is a commitment, no matter what its name, it should win the blessing of parliament. The reason: if what they [government] agree to is binding, it should clear parliament.

[Article 77: International treaties, protocols, contracts, and agreements must be approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly. Article 125: The President or his legal representative has the authority to sign treaties, protocols, contracts, and agreements concluded by the Iranian government with other governments, as well as agreements pertaining to international organizations, after obtaining the approval of the Islamic Consultative Assembly.]

A deal which remains unsigned makes no [legal] sense. What does it mean to agree on something, but fail to sign it? What’s an agreement without signature good for? Signature is an essential part of any agreement. An agreement which lacks signature is not obligatory with parties to the agreement likely to go back on it, citing the absence of their signature.


Nuclear team and the Supreme Leader

What is certain is that the Iranian nation and the Supreme Leader have put their trust in the country’s nuclear team. If something comes up which is not consistent with the Supreme Leader’s remarks, this team will take no measure unless they consult the Leader. I’m sure about it.

The Supreme Leader has repeatedly prayed for the nuclear negotiating team. Iran’s nuclear team, which is undertaking a heavy responsibility, deserves to receive the nation’s prayers. [Members of] the team are expected not to say anything but the truth, not to listen to anything but the truth and not to sign anything unless they make sure it is the truth. They are expected to come back home successfully and honorably.


Iran’s team and future of nuclear talks

I think the country’s negotiating team will be successful and honorable no matter what comes out of the talks, because for the past 18 months they have been defending the rights of the Iranian nation and have not given in. They will have no other option but not to sign an agreement if the US insists on its acquisitiveness. The Iranian team is the [ultimate] winner [with or without a nuclear deal].

No deal will be inked if the United States does not give up its acquisitive demands and continues its bullying tactics. The Iranian nuclear team, however, will emerge victorious even if no deal is signed because they have done everything by the book. They will be the winning side if a deal is inked; if so, they should be praised and their services should be appreciated.

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